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What is the Need of Having Compound Bow

One of the benefits of compound bow is that they easy to carry, manipulate and adjust. They are easy to carry due to the fact that they are short and also made from metal alloys which are light in weight. Even though other bows can be adjusted as well but it will take you a longer time to adjust other bows than the compound bow. In addition, getting used to adjusting string and limb is hard in other bows which tend to be long. Unlike compound bows which you will easily adjust within no time.

People also prefer compound bows since they are manageable within an enclosed area. As an archer you will really benefit from this as you will not need a lot of moving space to load, aim and fly the arrow. Using long bows is very hectic as you will require enough space for you to load, aim and fly the arrow accurately. What most people like with these weapons is convenience which they can achieve from compound bows.

In addition, compound bows can also be used in any type of climate. Their usage is wide to many climates because if the strong metal alloys that it is made from. Not only that, even bad weather like rain cannot affect them since they neither rust nor rot. Compared to woods that tend to expand or become brittle in case of any slight change in temperature and humidity. With this you will make inaccurate shots due to lack of consistency. Apart from that wood based bows also needs a lot of maintenance as compared to compound bow.

Another benefit of compound bow is that it has accurate shots and consistent pulling strength. What most archers concentrate on is the accuracy as it is the most important part of flying an arrow. You find that compound bow is built with cables and pully systems which plays a role in making it accurate. Unlike other types of bow which lacks that consistency in pulling resulting into low kinetic energy. In addition, their speed is also higher compared to other types of bow.

Lastly, compound bows are also economical. You find that you may spend a lot of money in buying the compound bow but in the end, you will realize that you are saving a lot of money. These bows are made from materials that are strong making them to last longer. As a result, it will reduce the frequency of replacing them or doing maintenance. With wooden bows you will spend a lot of money since they require regular maintenance.
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