This is the Most Powerful Way to Make a Guy Like You

If you have recently found a great guy, it is likely there is some concern regarding how to keep him around. Don’t make the mistake of losing his interest just because you are not familiar with building a relationship. Follow a few simple rules and he will do everything possible to keep you around.

It is very important to show a lot of interest in him. Pay attention when he talks about his favorite sport or even things with his childhood. He will appreciate these efforts and likely do anything to continue the relationship.

Don’t hesitate to tell him what makes you happy as well. Some women will agree, this is the most powerful way to make a guy like you. When women talk about their favorite things, there is often a glow in their eyes. This is what is going to impress him. He loves to see his girl smile.

Even though there is already somewhat of a relationship, don’t hesitate to be a little flirty. Unfortunately, guys don’t often realize when a woman is flirting with them. Therefore, it is important for her to go overboard. Don’t be shy. He is going to love it.

Don’t be afraid to touch him. If he says something funny, touch his arm and show him a smile. Guys will quickly get the hint when the woman he is dating is always running fingers through his hair or wanting to hold his hand. Be careful with this one because he may not want constant contact.

Always make sure you are looking presentable whenever going out with him. Guys don’t like to be seen with a girl who is wearing sweats and a T-shirt. They like their ladies to put forth a bit of effort. It is also important to give him some free time. Guys like time to unwind where they can relax and watch sports with friends. Never commit to this relationship unless he is willing to do the same thing. When there is finally time to spend together, don’t dump daily problems in his lap. Keep in mind, he has also had a long day.


Author: s3m4ng4t