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Top 5 Simple but Effective Termite Control Methods

Termites are one of the most notorious vermin in the world. Other than making for a very unsightly view, they can also cause huge financial losses to homeowners. Termites cause damage by eating wood and rendering it structurally unstable and hence the need to replace it. Depending on the type and extent of the infestation, termites can be eliminated in very simple ways. There are very simple control techniques that you can even do by yourself. Below are the simple but effective termite control methods.

A good place to start is by removing the things that attract termites to a place. You will mostly find a lot of termites where there is broken or moist wood. You should, therefore, repair all damaged wood quickly before it becomes infested with termites. Conduct inspections on your plumbing system and ensure there are no leaks. You can also replace all your cardboard boxes with plastic or metal ones to avoid attracting termites.

You can also control of termites using very simple and inexpensive natural techniques. These involve knowing the biology and physiology of termites. Exposing termites to low temperatures, sunlight, excess water or nematodes can help eliminate them. In order to get temperatures that are low enough to kill termites, you can use liquid nitrogen. Whenever possible, flood the termite nests or dig them up and expose them to the sun. If you are dealing with minor infestation you can use these techniques.

Another simple but effective termite control method is the use of termite baits. The the main purpose of the baits is to determine if there are termites and then kill them. The termites are supposed to eat or carry the bait to their nest which will eliminate other termites as well. When buying the termite bait, choose the ones with the best reviews and a good track record. In the case you are still confused, contact a professional exterminator and ask for advice on which bait to buy.

If you want to keep termites away from your home, you can build a termite barrier around your entire home. This involves digging a trench around your home and then treating the soil with termiticides or other pesticides. These chemicals may work by killing any termites or repelling them. The major benefit of this method is that the chemicals will offer protection for many years.

Proper wood treatment will also help you get rid of termite infestations. This techniques is simple as it involves the application of termiticides or other pesticides on all vulnerable wood. You can buy such chemicals yourself and do the application yourself. Consult a professional who can help you choose the right chemical and the right application method. The good thing about all these techniques is that they are affordable but effective.

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