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A Guide to Environmental Awareness

The climate change is a responsibility to everyone. The effects of climate change are already felt across the globe. This has been experienced in various forms including melting of glaciers, extremely cold weather and lack of rain in other regions. Clearing of trees for personal and commercial uses has contributed much to the climate change. Reclaiming land for settlement and farming has been a major driver of people clearing trees. Additionally, the printing industry has also contributed much to the cutting down of trees for the raw materials required in making papers.

Different interest groups have realized the importance of conserving the environment owing to the negative impacts experienced. The printing industry have come out in large numbers to champion awareness for environmental conservation. It has been evidenced that various firms have become promoters of going green meaning they stand for environmental conservation. This is important not only to the environment but also the business as customers will align themselves with businesses that are environmentally conscious.

Being a green printing company means that a company adheres to procedures deemed to save earth from climate change. This includes reducing or eliminating the harmful chemicals and more so reduce waste that impacts negatively to the sustainability of environment. Printing companies have embraced the aspect of environmental awareness mostly by the type of papers they use for printing purposes. Recycling of printing papers is the main aspect of being conscious about the climate change in the modern day and age. It is helpful when it comes to conserving energy, reducing water pollution and reliance on trees for papers. In the end, this move will aid in reducing the amount of tree cut down for the purposes of producing printing papers. Through the emphasis to conserve the environment, steps have been taken towards eliminating use of chlorine when it comes to whitening papers. The products of using chlorine are harmful and dangerous to aquatic life. Eliminating chlorine by various printers has also helped much in conserving the environment.
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Ink is inevitable in the printing process. In printing in the past, printers have been using chemical based inks that are deemed harmful. Over time, printers have transitioned to the use of vegetable based inks that are not harmful to the environment. The most important aspect is that these inks currently being used are recyclable and therefore beneficial to the environment. It has been proven that these inks are eco-friendly and can be easily dispersed from the papers in the recycling process. It has been evidenced on different occasions that various printing firms have championed the move to create awareness regarding environmental conservation across the globe. Benefits of environmental conservation can be felt by every individual regardless.5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Lifestyles


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